Worse is Better vs. Better is Better

In 1991 Richard Gabriel wrote a insightful and influential article about the difference in designing software systems in the "MIT Style" and "New Jersey Style" (AT&T), where he termed the latter "worse is better". He argued that when building software, the "MIT style" of getting the design "right" (at the cost of complexity in implementation) … Continue reading Worse is Better vs. Better is Better


The World Cup is fun to watch. We need to figure out how to make software coding competitions this exciting. The problem is that there is no human adversary. It's like mountain climbing: the adversary is the problem. But I'm not sure how to add the adversarial component in a symmetrical way. I suppose you … Continue reading Competition

SHErrLoc tool released

Danfeng Zhang has released his tool for diagnosing errors from static analysis, which was described in our paper in POPL 2014. The tool is now called SHErrLoc, for Static Holistic Error Locator. We hope that this tool will be useful to others doing research on localizing static errors.